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Itinerary in Havana

Itinerary in Havana

Are you going to visit the Cuban capital? If you are you need this one-day itinerary in Havana. I'm sure you've researched and you've got all those iconic places we all know on your list. This city is anchored to wonderful places that you may not know, this time I propose an itinerary that you can not miss.


*Breakfast at "La Esquina". Starting the day with a flurry of foods as varied as they are delicious cannot fail, you will need energy for all the activities you will carry out. They are located in Paseo and 5ta.

*Enjoy a walk along the Paseo and 23 avenues. You will be able to observe large mansions of Classic style that adorned the capitalist Cuba and a contrast with the current buildings that will surprise you.


*Arrives at the University of Havana, considers one of the best in Latin America, with a rich architecture ... the faculties with which you could interact with students.

*After leaving the emblematic university staircase, walk through San Lazaro a few blocks until you reach Callejón de Hamel, colorful and full of vivid music.

There will always be people willing to "help you", be careful as they will expect something in return but you should not be persuaded to know this site.

*Relax ... enjoy one of the icons of our city El Malecón, while you do it admire everything around it, people and contrasts will motivate you to visit it many times more.


*Get to Paseo Del Prado and walk among centennial lions to Chacón 162 where you can enjoy the best mojito in the city, the site has a Harley-Davidson decor worth admiring.

*After a few drinks, get ready for a walk along the Avenida del Puerto until you reach the "Lanchita", where a boat will cross the Bay for only 0.40 pesos ( 0.05 cuc ) until you reach Casablanaca, a fishing village that leads to the viewpoint of the Christ of Havana, with an amazing view of the entire city.

*If the sunsets are your thing, then you can't lose the best place to admire them right behind the "Morro". Special to enjoy in the company of some Havana Club.

*Now it's time to recharge your batteries you can do it in very reliable restaurants like La Guarida, El Carbón, Lo de Monik or Chef Justo.


*Our last stop will be Fábrica De Arte Cubano, a site that from Thursday to Sunday becomes a concert hall, a place for live music and various art exhibitions. The magnitude of this place will not disappoint you.

I hope you like my suggestions and can help you enjoy Havana. If you have any suggestions or comments about this itinerary, don't hesitate to let me know.

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