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Fake Myths about Cubans

Fake Myths about Cubans

When we think of Cuba, it is difficult not to do so without imagining a mulaton dancing salsa or smoking those long cigars, but the reality is that we go beyond those myths created by superficial conceptions of photographic lenses. Our island has many particularities that do not appear in tourist guides, such as these six myths about Cuba.

All Cubans know how to dance

Reality: It is no less true that many islanders know how to ¨mover the bote¨ and we make that very clear, but there are few who on numerous occasions, we have to refuse to ¨tirar a pasillo¨ or break the heart of many when we explain to them that there are Cubans who are completely unaware of the whole mechanism of our famous dances.

We're stuck in time.

Reality: Numerous technologies and trends have taken their time to reach the island, as was and is the case of the Internet or payment by credit cards, but we have not stranded in the 50s as many refer. In Cuba, we are currently going through a very long period of social transition where we are adapting to the most diverse forms of modernism, and although there is still a long way to go, do not imagine finding a scene of flintstones or payments in gold bars.

Cuban food is bad

Reality: In such a touristy and competitive city many restaurants use unethical methods such as mediators, who intercept tourists and take them to places for the sole purpose of obtaining a commission. To enjoy a good gastronomic experience in Cuba, do not trust these dissimilar street proposals, good restaurants do not need promotion, instead, visit pages like tripadvisor.com where you can find the most sought after restaurants. Sometimes the food of a country is not bad, you can just be visiting the wrong places.

All Cubans want to leave Cuba

Reality: There are many who have decided to leave the island due to various known setbacks, but there is a growing generation who have faith in the improvement of our society and also bet on a future in our land, especially with the growth of the private sector. This myth has its origin in the fact that all Cubans are after a foreigner who takes us out of the country, a myth that although it has no basis to be founded, has created with time an erroneous judgment about Cubans and is that many of us do not have intentions, at least for now, to leave our country.

We all smoke cigars

Reality: There is a forceful majority, who not only do not enjoy the much coveted Habanos, but also have tried them very few times. In more contemporary generations, the consumption of these can even be considered vulgar and annoying. Of course there will always be those who enjoy a good Cohiba Robusto along with a drink of Selección de Maestro, but nothing to do with this false image where islanders enjoy these products at all times.

Being gay is dangerous

Reality: In the past and due to the influence of macho tendencies and repressive policies, Cuba was considered a hostile terrain for homosexuals. Today, however, our society has evolved positively in the acceptance of sexual diversity, to the point of contemplation of egalitarian marriage and the emergence of an entire LGBT movement that has even reached schools. So don't be afraid to hug your partner on the street or kiss him on that romantic date. Yes we still have a long way to go in terms of rights, there are no extremist groups or people in our country who can put your life in danger simply because you are gay

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