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Activities that support Cuban People

Activities that support Cuban People


Cuba, thanks to its history, culture, economy and society, is a tourist destination with multiple and diverse options for visitors, an earthly paradise in the Caribbean, but also one where inexperienced eyes do not capture the real characteristics of its economy.

Two essential elements of Cuban society—people and the political system—cannot be separated even though they are codependent, but they can favor one directly over the other.

That's why I bring you here:


Accommodation in a Private House

Finding a place in Cuba to stay on your vacation is essential, and Cuba is characterized by its multiple options. You can find highly attractive offers at sites like AirBnB or CasasParticulares.net

Whether in a colonial, a modern residence or a hostel for those who enjoy backpacking style, the issue will always be to support the thousands of private workers who provide a much more authentic service than the ¨Luxery Hotels¨, those who takes you so far away from the real Cuba, that will be as if you had never visited us.

Buying items from senior citizens



The average social security in Cuba reaches approximately 9 dollars, barely a third of the average state salary, so it is not even remotely enough to satisfy the minimum expenses to survive; this brings as a direct consequence that many of the elderly people live in precarious situations, and seek as a fundamental alternative to their livelihood the commercialization of articles such as newspapers, peanuts, books, traditional garments, and so on. Generally these products, the result of long lines to acquire them, have symbolic prices of 1-3 cuc, and can really make a difference in your day. Support them!

Book Independent Tours

Tourist service companies belong to the government and are characterized by being quite impersonal and untrue. However, with the arrival of the internet in Cuba, small independent businesses or young entrepreneurs with much more genuine, personal offerings emerge outside of those large group tours that move senselessly around the island. Prices are usually lower and you will end up helping, perhaps indirectly, an entire family.

Here are some of the offers.

Support the cultural activities of the private sector



Cuba is an indisputable cradle of art in its many manifestations. Unfortunately the houses of culture and state galleries show an elitist image far removed from the insular culture with its strident colors and its folklore son of the mixture between the European and the African. Places where the arts come together in their primary form and the contrast between academic and popular art are very difficult to find, some like the Old Wooden Warehouse on Avenida del Puerto in Havana Bay or Hamlet Alley in Old Havana.

You will be helping a sector of the population that is struggling to get ahead in the current conditions.

Here is a link to a private art tour.

Visiting Private Paladares or Restaurants



With the great variety of gastronomic offers that flood Cuba, knowing where to eat is a hassle. There are very few government restaurants that I usually suggest for their insufficient service, and a quality that rarely surprises and when it does, it is not for the best. The Paladares, which come as a private initiative, go further. They have a superior quality in many ways and a more personal service, but knowing how to decant them from state sites is complicated, to do so you can follow the guidelines below:

- Take the place of an old house renovated in a creative way to the needs of customers

- Rarely occupy large spaces or exceed 15 tables

- Best offers and options, such as Happy Hours

- Most of them are in pages such as AlaMesa or Trip Advisor, here I leave you my selection

Visit private farms

Granjas Privadas en Viales

Granjas Privadas en Viales

If you travel to Cuba, and you are curious about the farms where cigars are made, visit little tourist towns, where the authenticity of the experience is multiplied thanks to the good vibe of those who live there and their desire to offer unique experiences.

Click here to know how

Transport yourself in private taxis


The classic cars are perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Cuba. They are everywhere, they stroll like rolling museums through the streets of Cuba. Most of these function as private taxis and help keep the city moving. On your visit to the island, you definitely won’t miss out on this experience, but always make sure they're private, which you'll know when you see the letter P as the initial on the vehicle's license plate.

If you want to make a trip through Cuba, hire the services of collective taxis, which unlike the buses of VIAZUL, do it with lower prices, for this always ask in your rental house if they can help you manage any of the following

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